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VacMasters New Digital Vacuum Sealers  Item Number: VP-320C

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VacMaster VP-320 Vacuum Sealer With Digital Controls and Dome Lid Now Available

Welcome to Homestead Harvest, your VacMaster Authorized Dealer. From new vacuum sealers and pouches to service and parts Homestead Harvest is your VacMaster Headquarters. If you have any questions, concerns, likes, or dislikes, please contact us via email at support@homesteadharvest.com or by calling toll free Monday through Friday 9-5 central. 

New to Vacuum Sealing? START HERE: Homestead Harvest VacMaster Vacuum Sealers Buying Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

This commercial vacuum sealer performs up to 650 bag seals per day.  This unit has the added feature of a 1.5Hp rotary oil pump allowing for a large number of seals at a lowered cycle time.  Simply place filled bag into chamber with open bag edge under the 16" heat seal bar and close lid.  Negative Force Pressurization is used to remove all air in 20 seconds.  Negative Force Pressurization, unlike suction, will not suck fluids from package which also makes this machine ideal for soups and sauces.

A "Workhorse" For Larger Commercial Operations.

  • Extend the Life of Foods By 3-5 Times.

  • Reduce Product Shrinkage.

  • Enhance Product Quality.

  • Eliminate Freezer Burn.

  • Save Money With Quantity Buying.

Purchase Bags  for your VacMaster vacuum sealer.

Key Features:                                                                           

  • 16" Dual Wire Heat Bar

  • 110 Volts-60 Hz-13 Amps

  • 1.5 Hp Rotary Oil Pump

  • Cycle Time:  20 seconds

  • Adjustable Vacuum up to 29.95" Hg

  • Fully Automatic Hands Free Operation

  • Stainless Steel Chamber: 16.75" Long x 18" Wide x 7" Deep

  • USDA Accepted

  • Will Handle Bags Up to 16" x 20"

  • Overall Size:  22.25" x 20" x 19"

  • Weight:  243 lbs.

Free With This Offer:                                                             

  • One Year Warranty

  • Operational Manual

  • Sample Bags

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How Will a Vacuum Sealer Save Me Time and Money?
  • Reduce grocery bills by buying in bulk. Simply vacuum package your purchases in portions that fit your family's needs and freeze for up to three years.
  • Prepare meals in advance. No time to cook? No problem. Prepare meals, vacuum package and freeze.
  • Reduce waste and spoilage. Freeze leftovers and extend the life of your food.
  • Keep food fresh 3-5 times longer.
  • Eliminate freezer burn.
  • Reduce product shrinkage.
  • Enhance product quality. 

Enjoy your garden year-round. Harvest at the peak of perfection, then simply blanch, vacuum package and freeze.

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