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VacMaster SVP-15

Q.  We are considering purchasing the VacMaster SVP-15 from you and are currently researching bags. As a personal chef service, we ship our meals and would therefore feel more comfortable with a 4-mil product. Our clients reheat their meals in boiling water, which is why we are looking for prices and information on three sizes of 4 mil boilable vacuum pouches for the chamber vacuum system:


Your website doesn't seem to have a variety of choices in the 4-mil. We are wondering if you sell these size bags in 4-mil.

A.  The sizes in a 4 mil bag are as you can see, limited. The 3 mil bags should provide plenty of durability, so long as your are not vacuum sealing fish bones, t-bone steaks, anything that might poke through the bag with sharp corners.

The SVP-15 is an very good choice for your application. Please email me personally with any other questions or concerns at your convenience.  You may also place your order online if you choose to.

Q.  Our foods are reheated in boiling water. During the course of my research, I realized that some bags don't boil well. Do yours? Also, one of our meals are BBQ ribs -- which is my only food concern, due to the bones. How can we protect that meal from puncturing?

Finally, since we ship our food, we're a little concern over rough handling by the UPS driver. We're a little nervous with the meals frozen and packed in one box, the bags could puncture each other.

Personally, I'd like to try the 3-mil, but my husband is concerned that we'll invest in all that food, make it, sell it and ship it, then have all of it ruined.

What are your thoughts regarding all the above-mentioned concerns?

Thanks for your help, Dan. We're a fairly new company -- only three years old -- and we have to make sure all of our investments are made with thorough research, since funds are limited.

A.  We sell VacMaster Boilable sealing pouch and bag in a variety of thicknesses designed for this application.  They are perfect for sealing portions in restaurant and catering use and serving hot after boiling.  We offer Bone Guard to protect the pouches from the food as well.  The bags should not puncture each other. 

Q.  I was wondering if the bags available with these sealers have zip lock bags also. And if so, what is the price compared to the normal bags without the zip lock. Thanks for working with us.

A.  I have heard of it, but we do not have any bags like that available to you. It is a real specialty item, and can quickly become cost prohibitive.

Q.  I am considering your Vacmaster SVP-15 Vacuum Sealer for purchase. My purpose for it would be to seal my handcrafted soaps which measure 2"x3"x1-1/2". Do you have any bags to accommodate this size? Or, can you suggest a source? Do you think this would serve my purpose?

A.  The smallest pouches we have are 6" x 7", 1000 to a box, 2" x 10" 2000 to a box. You could cut the pouches with a box knife and seal them as needed. That should work quite well for your application.

Q.  I am assuming that I could put several pouches in the chamber at once. How does it operate? Do you make a sealed package, then put it in the machine to remove the air? Is there a heat sealing device on the machine.. how many step process?

A.  The process is simple once you have done it.  All you have to do is put a bar of soap in a pouch, lay the open end of the pouch over the seal bar and shut the lid.  The machine will vacuum pack and seal the pouch. You will only be able to do one pouch at a time because the seal bar is 10" long and would not allow for you to lay two side by side.  Vacuum and sealing time will probably be approx. one minute per pouch. This machine can be use to vacuum and seal anything that will fit in the chamber 10" wide x 13" long x 5" deep including liquids.

Q.  Please verify that the SVP-15 can be purchased with 220volts/50cycles. I await your prompt reply.  Owen M.  NY, NY.

A.  Yes, this is available in a 220 volt/ 50 cycle.  Go to the VacMaster SVP-15 page, and select 220 from the drop down menu to order.  Additionally, you can contact Homestead Harvest at your convenience to place your order.

VacMaster Vacuum Sealers Buying Guide and Frequently Asked Questions
VacMaster Vacuum Sealers Buying Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

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