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Syrup Mixtures  Item Number: syrup-mixtures

Syrup Type Cups of Sugar Cups of Water Yield Syrup
Very Light - 20% 1 4 4 2/3
Light 30% 2 4 5
Medium 40% 3 4 5
Heavy 50% 4 4 6
Very Heavy 60% 7 4 7

Press fruit into syrup or sugar. Cover with syrup in syrup packs. Leave headspace then seal and freeze.

Fruit Syrup Pack Sugar Pack
Apples Use 40% syrup. Add tsp. crystalline ascorbic acid to each qt. syrup to prevent browning. Press fruit down and cover with syrup. Mix with cup sugar with every 1 quart of fruit.
Apricots Use 40% syrup. Mix with cup sugar for every 1 quart of fruit.
Avocado Puree and add 1 tbsp. lime juice for 2 avocados.
Bananas Mash and add 1 tsp. lemon juice per cup of banana.
Cherries Sour, use 60% syrup.  Sweet, use 40% syrup. Sour, mix with cups sugar for every 1 qt. cherries.
Cranberries Use 50% syrup  
Figs Use 50% syrup  
Grapefruit Use 30% syrup.  
Grapes Use 40% syrup.  
Lemons/Limes Use 40% syrup  
Mangoes Use 30% syrup.  
Melons Use 30% syrup.  
Nectarines Use 40% syrup.  
Oranges Use 40% syrup.  
Peaches Use 40% syrup. Mix with 2/3 cups sugar for each quart of fruit.
Pears Use 40% syrup.  Heat in boiling syrup for 1-2 minutes. Drain and cool. Pack and cover with syrup.  
Pineapples Use a 30% syrup made with pineapple juice.  Or use unsweetened pineapple juice.  
Plums Use 40-50% syrup.  
Raspberries Use 40% syrup. Mix with cups sugar for every 1 quart of berries.
Rhubarb Use 40% syrup. Mix cup sugar for every 1 quart of fruit.
Strawberries Use 50% syrup. Mix with cups sugar to every 1 quart of strawberries.
Tomatoes Freeze only as sauce, puree, or paste.

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