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BESTSELLER: Electric Pea Sheller / Bean Sheller by Lee Manufacturing   Item Number: 800M3

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

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Electric Mr. Pea Sheller / Bean Sheller by Lee Manufacturing Shells lady peas, lima beans, butter beans with ease!

  • Saves Hours of Tedious Work.
  • Shells 1.5 - 3 Bushels in an Hour!

This industrious electric pea sheller loads 1/2 gallon of peas or beans onto a feed platform which sits above a 1/15 HP - 115 Volt motor.  Simply feed hull ends into rollers and shelled peas and beans fall into pea tray.  Fully assembled and ready to use, this unit requires no adjustments while shelling and is light enough to use anywhere.

MR. Peas Sheller is gentle as hand shelled but FAST!  EFFORTLESS!  Model # 800-M3

New intermediate size sheller for all garden fresh peas or beans.  Shells black eye, Purple hull, small Crowder, Cream peas, English peas, and HARD TO SHELL lima and butter beans.  A real work saver and a pleasure to use.  Very silent operation.  No adjustments to make.  Light enough to use in any convenient place. 
Shells an honest 1 1/2 to 3 bushels per hour.  Fully assembled and ready to use.  One year guarantee.

Long life 1/15 horse power, 115 volt motor.  Improved roller design, steel gears, brass bearings, die cast pulleys, sturdy belt, half-gallon container, aluminum frame construction.  Almost half the cost of a small commercial Sheller but does about as well.

TO USE- first wash the produce.  Then, load tray and simply feed hull ends into rollers.  Peas and beans fall into pan.  Lima and butter beans should be fed through at an angle with the thick vine end first.  It may be helpful to pull some hulls on through rollers carefully from time to time.  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! 

Operating Instructions for the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller

Peas or beans should be ripe ( as for hand shelling ) before they are ready for the machine shelling.  They should be fully developed and of sufficient size with the pea or edible portion about 1/4" or larger for best results.  Peas that are too green or that have been allowed to dry very hard will present a problem.

Peas that have been gathered green and out in the refrigerator will be a problem unless allowed to come to room temperature and dry out a little.

Avoid feeding vines or other foreign objects through rollers.  If motor fails, to start when cord is plugged in, give large pulley a gentle push in clockwise direction, and be careful!

To clean machine unplug electrical cord and wash off rollers and tray.

To lubricate the machine, unplug the electrical cord.  Place a few drops of oil over the two screws holding the steel bearing support frames into place.  Tilt machine and turn pulley by hand to allow oil to reach all brass bearing surfaces.  Apply light grease to gears occasionally.

Apply a few drops of oil in each of the two holes in the motor about twice a year.

Belt should be loose, do not tighten the belt or use another belt other than that provided with your sheller.

The motor is thermally protected and will shut off in case of over heating.  Should this happen, disconnect cord and allow motor to cool.  Automatic reset in motor will let it start again when it is cool.  Do not substitute a heavier duty motor for the one provided. 

The Best Pea and Bean Shelling Ideas We Know

Beans and peas that just will not shell without mashing probably have either very tough pods due to growing conditions, or may be too green or too dry.  These may be shelled very easily by using the following method:

The peas or beans, in the pod, are blanched in boiling water from one to four minutes.  Cool quickly in cold water.  Now feed them through your MR.
Pea Sheller's special rollers.  The results will please you.

This process makes the pods or hulls tender enough that even the thin skin around the peas or beans are not damaged, and you can shell them very quickly.

One minute blanching will usually soften the toughest of pods so that shelling is now easy.  If you are preparing the produce for your freezer, then blanch the peas or beans four minutes and freeze after shelling.


1:  Avoid getting your fingers too close to rollers.

2:  Do not unplug cord if your hands are wet.  Let the machine keep on running until your hands are dried.  Likewise, should the motor stall due to too many peas or beans being fed through at once, it will not hurt the motor to stay on while you dry your hands.

3:  Always store in a dry place and treat as any other electrical appliance.

Key Features:                                                                     
  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Use.

  • Long Life 1/15 Horsepower, 115 Volt Motor

  • Improved Roller Design and New Safety Shield

  • Comes with three disposable trays for catching beans or peas

  • Light Enough to Use in Any Convenient Place

  • Steel Gears, Brass Bearings, Die-Cast Pulleys, and a Sturdy Belt.

  • No Adjustments to Make

  • One Year Guarantee

  • Size:  6" Tall x 10" Wide x 16" Long

  • Weight:  13 lbs.

  • Made in the USA.

Shop With Confidence:                                                  

  • Secure Shopping
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • Easy Returns
  • Privacy Policy

"The Pea Sheller that I purchased from you guys has been a life saver.  It has performed excellent and is still the talk of the neighborhood."  -Roy J Breaux Sr.

No Sales Tax for U.S. Residents Outside of Minnesota

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