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Processing the Food  Item Number: processing-the-food

Using a Water Bath Canner

  1. Fill canner half full with water.

  2. Heat water to boiling if jars have been hot packed.
    Have the water hot, if jars have been raw packed, then boil.

  3. Have 4 qts. water boiling in a separate pot.

  4. Lower jars onto rack.

  5. Add boiling water to cover the tops of the jars by 1-2 in.  If water drops below this level, add more.

  6. Cover canner and heat on high until water boils.

  7. Reduce heat but keep at a slow boil.

  8. Start timing when water begins to boil.

  9. Turn off heat when processing is complete.

  10. Tilt lid away from face to let steam escape.

  11. Carefully lift jars from canner.

Using a Pressure Canner

  1. Put 2-3 in. of hot water in canner

  2. Place filled jars on rack.

  3. Fasten lid securely.

  4. Open petcock (exhaust vent)

  5. Maintaining a high heat setting, exhaust steam for 10 minutes

  6. Close petcock

  7. The canner will pressurize in 3-5 minutes.  Start timing when pressure reading on gauge indicates the proper pressure for your altitude has been reached.

  8. Turn off heat when processing is complete.  If possible, remove from heat. 

  9. Let canner depressurize.  When pressure reaches zero, wait a minute or two, then slowly open petcock.  

  10. Unfasten cover.

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