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nut cracking machine

Q.  I would like more information on the pecan crackers. I am also very interested in purchasing the Combination Nutcracker and Sheller The The Kinetic Kracker. Could you send me some more information on this along with the shipping price. I am located in Kansas zip code  67005. Please respond.

A.  Please click on the link below for more information.  Also the shipping will range from $9.99 - free if you purchase $125 or more.


Here is the link to the page where you will find all the information we have about the The Kinetic Kracker

I hope this information helps you to decide if this item will work best for you.  Please feel free to call at us 1-888-929-9282 with questions.  You may also place your order online if you choose to.

Q. I would be grateful if you could kindly please advise whether you have a coconut cracker or whether any of those crackers you have could crack a coconut.  Artemis,.

A.  We do not have a machine that will work with coconuts at this time.

Q.  Do you ship to Canada?  The most cost-effective way to ship to Alaska is through the US Postal Service.   I am interested in the Rocket Nut Cracker.

A.  We do ship to Canada, you will incur more expensive freight which we will have to get a quote on.

Q.  Is this Machine easy to use?  Rick K., WI

A.  5 * Star Cracking Action (Patent Pending) This unique feature grips the nut firmly with 5-Star points of contact. Gives greater power and assures cleaner, larger nut meats.

Q.  I would like to purchase the  The Dynamic Nutcracker but I do not have a credit card.  Is it possible to purchase the The Dynamic Nutcracker using a money order?  If so, how?  John S., South Padre, TX

A.  We would need a money order and would have to wait until it clears until we could ship it.  Please contact me personally at your convenience to work this out.

Q.  How Soon will this item ship?  I am interested in the Inertia Nutcracker Popular Rubber Band Model by Texan Nut Sheller

A.  In about 2-3 business days.

Inertia Nutcracker Popular Rubber Band Model by Texan Nut Sheller
Inertia Nutcracker Popular Rubber Band Model by Texan Nut Sheller

Inertia Nutcracker Popular Rubber Band Model by Texan Nut Sheller

This fun to use nutcracker was invented by Dr. Haywood Turner. The nutcracker gets it's power and the produces "Whole Kernel" results.

Dr. Turner noticed that while his wife was cracking nuts there was a space between the shell and the nutmeat. If a quick impact could be delivered the shell would shatter before reaching the meat.

The means for providing the quick impact was decided upon was decided to be the common rubber band producing the kinetic energy. The desired result of whole kernels was produced by a restriction in travel of the impact through a piston to the note.

The impact was contained by placing a heavy anvil on the other side of the nut. Since heavy means difficult to move because of inertia, hence the name "Inertia Nutcracker". The cracker itself is classified as an impact type cracker.

Simply put, this baby really works. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, order online or call 1-888-WAYZATA.

Operating Instructions

Connect the two wooden dowels with 2 or 3 #64 rubber bands.  Place nutcracker at left end of table, with wooden stop block flush against left edge of table.  Place nut between sockets of anvil and cracking position with nut shell seated in each socket. 

With left hand, pull shield over nut to contain shell fragments, and to cock the piston.  With right thumb, pull knocker stick as far to right as it will go and release.  Slide anvil to left and let cracked nut roll out.


  1. Protect eyes from shell fragments as with any nutcracker.
  2. Avoid dropping as parts may be damaged or produce personal injury.
  3. Soak dry crumbly pecans in water for 8-12 hours.
  5. FREEZE BRAZIL NUTS.  Use 4 rubber bands and give full stroke to Brazil nuts and almonds.
  6. To replace rubber band on shield, align roll pin of anvil and center beam of flange, dropping rubber band behind wings of flange.  A sharp edge may cut shield rubber repeatedly.  Smooth this with file or sandpaper or touch with lacquer.

The Dynamic Nutcracker
The Dynamic Nutcracker

The Dynamic Nutcracker

...it was a thrill to take the wheel of dad's sputtering cherry-red tractor through the majestic pecan grove on crisp autumn afternoons.  (there was absolutely nothing quite as empowering...) Take command of your time and plow through bushels of robust nuts crushing the shells with a single mighty force that reveals tasty meats.

  • Cracks Pecans and Other Thin Shelled Nuts of Any Size.

  • Fast Feeding.

  • No Adjustments to Make.

Dynamic Nutcracker Operating instructions

  1. Place Dynamic Nutcracker flat on table with rubber foot over the edge of the table top.  ( Wooden machine base may be drilled for permanent mounting to flat surface if desired or you may wish to place newspaper under the cracker to prevent scarring of your table
  2. Insert any length pecan ( lengthwise ) and firmly against HAMMER.  Slide ANVIL solidly against pecan.
  3. Place hand upon clear plastic SHIELD and firmly slide SHIELD over the pecan, while gently pressing down at the same time.  SHIELD will touch ACTIVATING SWITCH and immediately crack your pecan. 
  4. The RUBBER FLAP lets the nut roll out and keeps the ANVIL GUIDE clean.  However it may be necessary to shake trash out of wooden base to allow ANVIL GUIDE to slide freely.  This may be done by:  a) Disconnect machine from electrical outlet;  b)  Gently pull back RUBBER FLAP and remove ANVIL and guide assembly from machine, take care not to tear RUBBER FLAP;  c)  Hold machine on end and shake or blow trash from wooden base groove. 
  5. Lubrication of the HAMMER SHAFT should be performed after every 100 LBS of cracked pecans.  To lubricate HAMMER SHAFT follow these simple steps.  a)  Disconnect machine from electrical outlet;  b)  Lay machine on its side and view hammer area;  c)  Now gently pull on HAMMER to expose 1/8" of HAMMER SHAFT and apply 1-2 drops of light weight oil to the HAMMER SHAFT.   Be careful not to pull shaft more than 1/8" as this may damage the black RUBBER CATCH.  It may be helpful when applying oil to use a toothpick to direct the oil drops onto the HAMMER SHAFT.  Also be sure no trash or debris has collected on the shaft as it will prevent your nutcracker from operating properly.

ACTIVATING SWITCH should not be held in the " pressed-in position" 

Note:  The cracking action is sudden, so for the first few times you operate your NUTCRACKER be prepared for a sudden WHACK!  The PRELOAD SPRING will reset the PLASTIC SHIELD back over the ANVIL after each pecan is cracked. 

Pecan Note:  Extra hard pecans may require more down pressure on shield and anvil.

Tips:  Always disconnect machine after operating.  Always store in a dry place and treat as any electrical appliance. 

Do not operate machine without inserting pecans!  The machine is designed so that the pecan receives the impact of the hammer and absorbs the force.  Dry operating the machine without inserting pecans will cause excess wear and eventually damage not covered under warranty.

Do not allow children to play with machine or be near it during operation. 

Do not use wet or damp.  Dry pecans always crack and shell BEST!

Due to voltage drop and loss of power, avoid using on same circuit with appliances which draw heavy current such as electrical heaters.

Occasionally you will have a pecan that requires two hits from your cracker in order to fully crack.   This is normal due to the wide variance in pecans. 


You have purchased what we believe to be the best electrical powered nutcracker on the market.  Designed for home use.  We caution against loaning this item out.  Depending on usage and operator care, repairs may become necessary in time.  It is fully warrantee and guaranteed for one year.  Please do not tamper with your electric nutcracker or attempt repairs yourself.  This may affect the manufacturers guarantee.


Your Dynamic Nutcracker is guaranteed for one year against defect in parts and manufacturing not caused by abnormal operating practices.

Key Features:                                                                     

  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Use.

  • 120 Volt

  • 60 Cycle AC

  • Solenoid Operated

  • Patented Switch Tripping Shield Arrangement allows for fast feeding and cracking any size pecan, English walnut, brazil nuts, etc.

  • No Adjustments to Make

  • One Year Guarantee

  • Size:  4" Tall x 3" Wide x 15 Long

  • Weight:  7 lbs.

  • Made in the USA.

Shop With Confidence:                                                  

  • Secure Shopping
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • Easy Returns
  • Privacy Policy

No Sales Tax for U.S. Residents Outside of Minnesota

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