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Make Soy Yogurt From Soy Milk  Item Number: masoyyofrsoy

Subject: Re: yogurt making quandary
From: (Tom Molnar)
Adopted from: Newsgroups:

The recent post on cow's milk yogurt reminded me that I used to make soy yogurt. Maybe some of you would like to try it just for fun. It always used to work out reasonably well for me. It tastes different, but so what? Tome it wasn't a replacement for regular yogurt, it was a different way to eat soy milk and a healthy one at that!

A few things I learned about soy yogurt making was:

+ it's easier than making cow's milk yogurt
+ use plain regular fat soy milk (I used Eden Soy Original)
+ no need to boil soy milk like you do milk.
+ no need to worry unduly about initial temperatures, but the soy milk should be near room temperature to start.


+ you can use a Tablespoon of regular yogurt as a starter SO LONG AS the culture is alive (look for the phrase "live culture" on the box), or

+ add a teaspoon of non-dairy acidophilus (the Solgar brand is vegan)and mix.

You can just mix the starter and the soy milk and pour it into the yogurt maker cups and let it reach the appropriate temperature. Save some yogurt to start your next batch. The longer you leave it, the more tart the flavor, and the older the starter (that is the number of times you recycle it) the sharper the flavor. I usually like to stop my yogurt as soon as the yogurt gets firm (usually 7 - 8 hours). You don't need a yogurt maker if you have an oven that can reach roughly 100 - 105F (40 - 45C Max). My oven was had a pilot light that was always on and was always that temperature when the oven was off (the pilot stayed on). You can just mix starter and soy milk and put it into a glass (not plastic) container and leave it in the oven for 7-10 hours or so. Some electric ovens get that warm if the oven light bulb isleft on overnight. Alternatively, almost any warm place will do. The culture will only thrive in a narrow temperature range, too cool and it won't be active, too hot and it dies.

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