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Eliminate processed bleached flour from your diet by purchasing one of our grainmills.

Grain Mills

Countless essential vitamins and oils are lost in today's commercially processed flours...all in the name of convenience. Remember when grandma would spend the greater part of the day in the kitchen making the most nutritious meals she could she would use what we call today the Stainless Steel Grain Mill to make the flour and grain for her bread, deserts, and many more goodies. To ensure that today's store bought flour will last on shelves, all traces of the grains bran and germ must be removed. Why must they be removed? Because once the bran and germ are milled, they can only last up to 72 hours at room temperature before going rancid. Since the germ is packed with vitamins B and E, much is lost by it's removal. This removal process also results in a loss of up to 26 essential vitamins necessary for proper nutrition. Valuable roughage which our bodies need to absorb and remove unwanted toxins and poisons within our digestive system.

Commercial processors have tried to 'enrich' flours with vitamins B1, B2, Niacin, and Iron...but it still cannot make up for the many other valuable vitamins lost. By milling your own grains, you can utilize all the essential vitamins and oils by milling and using as needed.

Health problems such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, Heart Disease, Bowel Cancer and Tooth Decay are just some of the major diseases on the rise since the introduction of white flour in the 1900's. Many intuitionalists agree that white flour and other refined foods are largely responsible.

You can also use these mills and grinders on spices. We have a wide selection of grain mills, our Country Living Grain Mill with a motorization kit it is one of our larger models or the hand version which works just a great the Country Living Grain Mill Our Best Seller, for those of you who are only going to make enough for a recipe we suggest the Back to Basics Grain Mill, which attaches to your counter. For larger volume flour production, consider the Grain Maker, and our largest mill-- the Lee Flour Mill. The Lee Mill can be sized even larger upon request and special order, just give us a call.   We have a wonderful article by Dena Harris, Mulling over Milling your own Grain.

Back to Basics Grain Mill<p> <font COLOR="blue"><b></font></b>
Back to Basics Grain Mill

List: $89.99
Order Yours: $79.99
GrainMaker #99 Hand Grain Mill
GrainMaker #99 Hand Grain Mill

List: $675.00
Order Yours: $675.00
Nutrimill Grain Mill by Kitchen Resource
Nutrimill Grain Mill by Kitchen Resource

List: $289.99
Order Yours: $259.99
Country Living Grain Mill & Accessories
Country Living Grain Mill & Accessories

Cast Iron Grain Mill
Cast Iron Grain Mill

List: $111.00
Order Yours: $88.79
Lee Flour Mill - Model S-600
Lee Flour Mill - Model S-600

Grain Maker Model #116
Grain Maker Model #116

List: $1,285.00
Order Yours: $1,285.00
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Custom Clamp for Model 99

List: $105.00
Order Yours: $105.00

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