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BESTSELLER: Weston Fruit & Wine Press 16 Quart Capacity   Item Number: 05-0101-W

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Weston Brand Fruit and Wine Press 16 Quart Capacity

Make healthy, fresh fruit juices, ciders and wines right at home. This Fruit & Wine Press combines modern technology and old world tradition to create a simple and fun tool for your family, so you can now begin your own traditions. The instruction manual also includes great recipes for Syrups, Ciders, Sauces, Wines and More. Why pay for expensive wines that are nothing more than fermented grape juice behind a brand-name label, make the type of wine that you like for a fraction of the price.

This screw-down style wine press will allow you to squeeze many of your favorite fruits into juices and wines with ease and efficiency. Simply place the fruit of choice into the juicing cage. Place the wood pressing blocks on top of the fruit and ratchet the handle down. The juice will be squeezed out of the fruit and will exit the juice cage through the opening in the slats, then down to a built-in spout. The molded bottom tray will funnel the juice into your container, virtually mess free!

  • The ratchet mechanism provides leverage and power to extract the maximum amount of juice.
  • The powder-coated cast iron construction will resist rust and contamination.
  • Hardwood cage construction will provide you with years of maintenance free service.
  • Bolt-down legs will allow one-person operation.
  • 16 quart cage capacity
  • Dimensions: 36-1/2" High x 16" Rim diameter (inside basket diameter is 10")
  • The Weston Brand Fruit & Wine Press is manufactured to the highest standards to give you years of trouble free performance.  Now you can make healthy, fresh fruit juices, ciders, and wines right at home.  Remember, pressing fruit takes patience, so go ahead and experiment and have fun. 

    Operating Instructions:

    • Before assembling and operating your Weston Brand Fruit & Wine Press, be sure to thoroughly clean the unit to remove any residual materials from     manufacturing or shipping.
    • Lubricate all moving parts and hinges with petroleum jelly or a food grade lubricant.
    • Place the half cage assemblies onto the base of the press, creating a circle round the threaded shaft until the hinge assemblies are coupled together.
    • Place a cage locking pin into each of the 4 hinge assemblies.
    • Place a clean, sanitized container under the spout to catch the juices.
    • Fill the caged area with your favorite fruit. You may first choose to line the cage area with a nylon bag to catch seeds or pulp from the pressed fruit.  NOTE: For best results, fruit should be first crushed and filled to within 1� from the top of the cage.
    • Place the semi-discs on top of the fruit.
    • Place two wooden blocks on top of the semi-discs. NOTE: For best results, the blocks should be placed perpendicular to the slot in the semi-discs and kept as close to the threaded shaft as possible. (If extra space is still present between the ratchet mechanism and the blocks, additional blocks may be stacked on top of the first set until the space is eliminated. Each set of blocks should be stacked perpendicular to the previous set. This will ensure stability during the pressing process.)
    • Spin the ratchet mechanism clockwise until the lower ratchet plate engages the top of the blocks.
    • Insert one ratchet insert into the slot closest to you with the point down and to the left for pressing. Insert the second ratchet insert in the opposite direction. NOTE: You may choose to use only the first ratchet insert for pressing. For releasing the ratchet, place the first ratchet insert with the point down and to the right, and the second ratchet insert in the opposite direction.
    • Insert the handle and begin cranking. Continue cranking until the ratchet meets with excessive resistance. The juices will be caught in the container placed under the spout.
    • To release the ratchet mechanism, reverse the ratchet inserts and turn the handle until the pressure has been released. Serve over ice, garnished with orange slices.

    Cleaning Instructions

    • Remove the ratchet mechanism from the screw.
    • Remove the pins from the cage and separate the � cages. Clean the cages in hot soapy water. Using a long bristle brush, be sure the spaces between the boards of the cages are clean.
    • Wash the base, screw and semi-discs in hot soapy water.
    • Wash the ratchet mechanism if necessary.
    • Dry all surfaces thoroughly. 6. Reassemble the cages onto the base.
    • Drop the semi-discs and the blocks into the cage.
    • Store in a cool, dry place.

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