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BESTSELLER: Nesco Snackmaster Pro American Harvest FD-50 4-Tray Dehydrator-Discontinued-  Item Number: Snackmaster-Pro-Food-Dehydrator-by-American-Harvest

This item is discontinued! Please see the Nesco Snackmaster Pro American Harvest FD-61 4-Tray Dehydrator for the replacement from Nesco.

The Snackmaster Pro features an adjustable thermostat so you can dry different foods needing different temperature settings. The adjustable 95-145�F thermostat gives you the flexibility to get the best results, from drying herbs to properly cured meats. Patented Converga-Flow air circulation provides the fastest and most even food drying available. Opaque Vita-Save Exterior. Light, which destroys nutrition, is blocked by the opaque exterior. Expandable to meet your needs! Expand this four-tray unit with patented Add-A-Tray accessories up to 12 trays (over 10 sq. ft. of drying space). Drying pressure adjusts automatically to the number of trays. Snackmaster+ Pro accessories included FREE! Fruit Roll Sheet, Clean-A-Screen, and Jerky Spice Packet and Cure...start making your own beef jerky right away!

Key Features:

� 4 Tray Dehydrator expandable to 12 trays.
� No Tray Rotation Necessary.
� 500 Watts of drying power for maximum speed and quality.
� Adjustable Thermostat ranging from 95-145 degrees, gives you the flexibility to get the best results.
� Patented Converga Flow Drying System forces air down the exterior pressurized chamber and across the trays for fast, even drying.
� Opaque Vita-Save Exterior helps block harmful light which destroys nutrients.

FREE With This Offer:

� Fruit Roll Sheet
� Clean-A-Screen
� Jerky Spice Packet and Cure.

Find the Right Food Dehydrator

The American Harvest Food Dehydrator offers the option to add additional trays.  Perfect for your growing needs. 

  • Vita-Save Exterior helps block harmful light which destroys nutrients.

  • Patented Converga Flow Drying System forces air up the exterior pressurized chamber and across the trays for fast, even drying.

The TSM Food Dehydrator is made of stainless steel with a choice of chrome plated or stainless steel shelves.  With large large areas of drying space, these models provide a large output for heavy dehydrating.

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

  • Shelves Available in Chrome or Stainless Steel

  • Rear Mounted Fan

  • 1 3/4" Rheostat

Compare and Choose the Food Dehydrator That's Right for You

Food Dehydrators are available in a Full Range of Sizes to Fit Your Needs, ranging from 2.5 to 31 square feet of drying capacity.

Food Dehydrator Comparison Chart

Food Dehydrator Model
Drying Space
Stainless Steel
2.5 Sq. Ft. 5 425 To 7 Trays No
3 Sq. Ft.
To 12 Trays
4 Sq. Ft.
To 30 Trays
8 Sq. Ft.
To 30 Trays
16 Sq. Ft.
31 Sq. Ft.

New to Drying - Small Yield of Fruits or Vegetables...

New to Drying - Large Yield of Fruits and Vegetables...

Introduce yourself to drying with the Gardenmaster Plus Food Dehydrator or theTSM D-10 Food Dehydrator.  If you expect to do large amounts of drying,  choose the TSM D-12 Food Dehydrator to avoid having to upgrade.

Vacuum Sealing Dried Foods

Seal dried foods for longer shelf life.  For a compatible match, use the chart below to find the right size food vacuum sealer to coordinate with the food dehydrator you need.

Food Dehydrator Model
Food Vacuum Sealer
Foodsaver Vac 375

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