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Cheese Making  Item Number: cheese-making

Cheese is a fermented milk product made from the curds produced when milk is coagulated. It can be made from cow, sheep or goatís milk.


Milk is heated at a certain temperature to destroy any harmful bacteria.


Acid is essential in making good cheese. A special starter culture is added to the milk which converts milk sugar into lactic acid. This lowers the ph of the milk making it more acid.


Causes milk coagulation and is added to the milk to convert it into curd.  After the curd grains settle, leftover liquid is removed from the mixture with a cheese cloth.

Cutting and Pressing the Curd

Cutting the curd allows whey to escape. Heating the curd while cutting it increases the rate at which the curd contracts and squeezes out the whey. This process creates a hardened curd.


Once the curds have hardened, salt is added for flavor and to inhibit the growth of microbes.


During this stage, bacteria continue to grow in the cheese changing itís composition along with flavor and texture. The ripening or aging time required depends on the type of cheese being produced.


The rinds basic function is to protect the cheese and allow it to ripen. Rinds can be created artificially or naturally.


Soft, semi-soft, hard


Milk, culture, rennant and salt


Mesophilic Ė most commonly used. Used in soft cheeses like Colby and cheddar. It does not like high heat.
Thermophilic cultures are used in cheeses that require high heat when processing like Mozzarella, Swiss, Provolone, and Parmesan

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